Fun, Functional and Fabulous

A novel approach to classic yachting workwear

Bringing comfort and class to your professional wardrobe

Cool Workwear

Designed by Yachties for Yachties.

Stay comfortable, stylish, and slay all day with our luxury workwear range, making getting ready for work an exciting experience.

What makes us special?

  • Made In South Africa

    "Local is Lekker": We proudly support South African small businesses, building our brand and team on South African soil. Join us in embracing local craftsmanship and community spirit.

  • Handmade

    Crafted with love: Every garment is meticulously handcrafted by our talented team, ensuring perfection. Each set of hands adds a touch of love to make your piece truly special.

  • Functional Fabric

    Our fabric blend combines natural and synthetic fibers for functional clothing. Quick-dry, non-wrinkle, soft on skin – delivering versatile, exceptional wear for all occasions.

  • Yachtie Certified

    Yachtie-approved quality: With our own background in yachting, we understand your needs. Rest assured, our pieces are crafted to the highest standards for our fellow yachties.

Our Fabulously Funky get up

The Rhythm Dress

Dancing to the rhythm of life. Named after the place where we unwind, this dress is a tribute to fun-loving babes. Fabulous, functional, and versatile, it suits any occasion. While serving drinks, making beds and delivering laundry, feel the rhythm and let your body groove!

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Our eloquent ensemble

The Pearl Dress

Pearl Beach Elegance. Inspired by the beloved St. Barths' Pearl Beach, where cherished memories are made. Sipping Rosé on Caribbean sands while planes soar above—unforgettable moments. A boujee dress for the bougie babe. May this ensemble live up to its name and remain a gem in your uniform wardrobe.

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Shes other worldy

The Deity Dress

Introducing the Deity Dress: A masterpiece that transcends mere fashion. Each thread is a testament to divine craftsmanship, weaving tales of strength, beauty, and grace. Slip into its embrace and feel the embrace of comfort and class, transforming you into a beacon of radiance and power. It's not just clothing it's an affirmation of your inner light, turning you into a living deity among mortals.

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Empress Energy

The Dynasty Jumpsuit

The Dynasty Jumpsuit embodies empress energy, exuding power and elegance. With captivating cap sleeves, it propels your style to new heights of eloquence. Offering more coverage than the Dazzle, it commands attention, leaving a lasting impression of grace and authority.

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Radio Loops & Earpiece Inserts

Designed by fellow yachties, we understand the importance of convenience. Our workwear features dual radio loops on each side, complete with earpiece inserts. Reinforced for durability, our loops securely hold radios, pagers, and service phones, ensuring they remain easily accessible while withstanding their weight during your demanding duties.

Design Features

The essence of our creations

Style, Functionality and Comfortability

Who made your garments?

Supporting local industries, especially small businesses, is paramount to us. Amidst the ongoing energy crisis, it's challenging for businesses to survive. To uplift our economy and community, we've partnered with a Cape Town-based clothing manufacturer, contributing to job creation and fostering a sustainable local supply chain.

Local is Lekker

Our team, from designers to pattern makers, cutters, trimmers, and garment constructors, are incredible individuals who embody our belief in "Local is Lekker." Each of them shares our passion for creating exceptional garments, united in their dedication and commitment to bringing our vision to life.

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